AIM currently partners with 2 Local Groups in Asia.

(3 other Local Groups are currently under review. Due to financial concerns their support may

be ending by the end of Summer 2016. These groups are similar in nature to the following.)


A Local Group of Servants 

This local group was founded over ten years ago by a leader with a heart to serve and he has nurtured the group into great growth through those years. Currently he and his team of volunteers serve street children with an after school program that provides tutoring session and a hearty meal. (For many of the children it is the only meal they receive all day.) Every tutoring session includes lessons from Ancient Literature that has stood the test of time. This group also works in a local leper colony providing meals and similar tutoring. (Currently due to funds only once a week.) The group has recently purchased land and have begun a building project. We are raising funds to see this project completed. Once completed they will be able to expand their Services and be able to feed more children in the after school program.


An Expansion Group 

This group serves the outlying villages of a major city in the north. They spends much of their time commuting from village to village in jungle-like areas. It can take years to build the relationships needed to earn the trust of these tight-knit villages, but our Leader is a patient man. He visits regularly with gifts for the children of the community and spends time with community leaders to better understand their needs and to demonstrate how the community might benefit from the start of an Expansion group. They currently run week long children's activity camps in a few of these villages. They bring in special items to help teach the children and treat them to special arts and crafts enrichment. Often the village parents come to listen and learn, and even want to participate in the crafts themselves!